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Table of Contents

5 (Spring 1991)


Franco Crespi: Cultural Changes and the Crisis of Politics in Post-Modern
Society, 7
Mario Perniola: Enigmas of Italian Temperament, 19
Rino Genovese: A Systems Approach to Intersubjectivity, 31
Francesco Garritano: Toward a Critique of Girard’s Model of Reading, 39

Collins & Milazzo: Everything Changed More than Once, 51
Peter Carravetta: Weak Postmodemity, 55
Pagliasso, Alpegiani, Ghiazza, Antinucci: Recent Works, 57
Paul Vangelisti: From The Book of Life, 65

Sergio Benvenuto: Psychoanalysis and Hermeneutics, 79
Romano Luperini: Symbol and Allegory: From Goethe to Lukács,
from Marx to Benjamin, 91
David Tabbat: The Eloquent Eye: Roberto Longhi and the Historical
Criticism of Art, 109
Sergio Scarantino: Special Bodies, 135


Renate Holub: The Politics of “Diotima,” 161
Rebecca West: Pudore: The Theory and Practice of Modesty, 175

Mario Perniola: Primordial Graffiti, 189
Angela Biancofiore: Recent Works, 191
Pasquale Verdicchio: The Enigma of an End, 199


Alessandro Carrera: Minima Temporalia: Tempo spazia esperienza by
Giacomo Marramao, 209
Giuseppe Patella: Institutiones Oratoriae by Giambattista Vico, 213
Jacqueline Reich: Fascism in Film: The Italian Commercial Cinema,
1931-43 by Marcia Landy, 219
Margaret A. Gallucci: Guglielma e Maifreda: Storia di un’eresia femmin-
ista by Luisa Muraro, 223

Contributors, 229