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DIFFERENTIA Volume Six – Seven

Table of Contents

Volume Nos. 6-7 (1994)


Anthony Julian Tamburri: In (Re)cognition of the Italian/American Writer: Definitions and Categories, 9
Ron Scapp: Watermelons, Tee Shirts and Giorgio Armani: Eight-and-a-Half Epigrams on Italian American Culture, 33
John Paul Russo: From Italophilia to Italophobia: Representations of Italian Americans in the Early Gilded Age,  45
Robert Viscusi: Narrative and Nothing: The Enterprise of Italian American Writing, 77
Ben Lawton “Impressioni d’America”: Italia->America; Italians; Americans; ItalianAmericans; Italians>I<Americans: Giacosa’s Voyage of Discovery of Self/Other, 99

Maria Mazziotti Gillan: The Crow, 119
Claudia Menza: Poems, 121
Christine Perri: Recent Works, 126

Maurizo Viano: Scorsampling, 133
Vincent Serravallo: Brick Foundations: Continuity and Change in an Italian Working-Class Rural Community, 153
Esther Romeyn Performing High, Performing Low: Enrico Caruso and Eduardo Migliaccio, 165
Pasquale Verdicchio: Spike Lee’s Guineas, 177
Mario Moussa: Paisan and a Ph.D.: An essay on Identity, 193
Fred Gardaphé: (In)visibility: Cultural Representation in the Criticism of Frank Lentricchia, 201
Francesca Canadé Sautman: Women of the Shadows: Italian American Women, Ethnicity and Racism in American Cinema, 219

Rose Romano: Poems, 247
Felix Stefanile: Poems, 257
Klara Tamas: Engravings, 260


Mary Jo Bona: Carrying the Voices into the Future, 267
Alessandro Carrera: Frail Identities along the Canadian Shield, 283
Paolo Giordano: The Writer Suspended between Two Worlds: Joseph Tusiani’s “Autobiografia di un italo-americano,” 297
Peter Carravetta: An Other Columbiad, 311

Geri De Luca: Poems, 321


Anthony Julian Tamburri: Italian Women and Other Tragedies by Glanna Patriarca, 331
Peter Carravetta: The Italian Dream: The Italians of Queens, New York City, by Giuseppe Fortuna, 334
Fred L. Gardaphé: To Hyphenate of Not to Hyphenate: the Italian/American  Writer: An Other American, by Anthony Julian Tamburri, 336
Peter Carravetta: Border Writing: The Multidisciplinary Text, by D. Emily Hicks, 338
Anthony Julian Tamburri: Benedetta in Guysterland: A Liquid Novel by Giose Rimanelli, 342
Giuseppe C. Di Scipio: The Noble Savage, Allegory of Freedom, by Stelio Cro, 345
Vittoria Repetto: Vendetta by Rose Romano, 347
Peter Carravetta: Valentino by Rome Romano, 347
Annalisa Saccà: Poessagio: Poeti Italiani d’America, edited by Peter Carravetta and Paola Valesio, and special double issue of Gradiva, edited by Luigi Fontanella and Paolo Valesio, 355
Peter Carravetta: The Columbus People, Edited by Lydio F. Tomasi, Peter Gastaldo and Thomas Row, 369

Contributors, 379