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DIFFERENTIA Volume Three – Four

Table of Contents

Nos. 3 – 4 (Spring/Autumn 1989)


Giacomo Marramao: “Idola” of the Postmodern: Untopical Considerations on the End
(and the Principle) of History, 7
Renato Barilli: Technology and the Relationship between Modernity and
Postmodernity, 25
Mario Perniola: Beyond Postmodernism: Michelstaedter, Strong Feeling,
the Present, 39
Carlo Formenti: Ulysses-Hermes: The Ethic of the Foreigner, 51
Adelino Zanini: The Transparency of All Things, 65
Renate Holub: Critical II/literacy: Humanism, Heidegger, Anti-Humanism, 73
Edmund E. Jacobitti: Taking Humanism Seriously: Science and Rhetoric in the
Postmodern World, 91
Michael Mooney: On Thinking Like a Roman: The Philosophical Tradition of
Renaissance Humanism, 119
Daniel Barbiero: On Anacronismo, 133
Manfredi Piccolomini: Of Forgery, Ancient and Modern, 139
Pietro Bellasi: Weak Art, 151
Maria Campitelli: “Weak Art”–A Premise, 155
Gianfranco Mantegna: On Weakness, 159
G. Pagliasso, R. Ghiazza, L. Antinucci, & Alpeglani: Art, 161
Adriano Spatola: Poem, 172


Robert E. Innis: Pragmatism and the Analysis of Meaning in the Philosophy of
Giovanni Vailati, 177
Paolo Bagni: Rhetoric and Phenomenology of Art: Notes Towards an
Understanding of Rhetoric, 199
Peter Carravetta: An Introduction to the Hermeneutics of Luigi Pareyson, 217
Patrizia Dogliani: The Debate on the Historiography of Fascism, 243

Paolo Valesio: The Writer between Two Worlds. Italian Writing in the United States
Today, 259
Aldo Gargani: Scenes of Truth, 277
Tricia Collins & Richard Milazzo: David Carrino: Signed Temporality, 287
David Carrino: Art, 291
Marina La Palma: Poetry, 297


Albert De Vivo: Is the Postmodern Really Undecidable? 307
Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum: On Feminist Politics, 315
Hugh J. Silverman: Textuality and the Ends of Modernity, 321
Eugenia Paulicelli: The Sign and Its Alterity, 329
Alberto Boatto: On the Guillotine as Bachelor Machine, 337
Loredana Cerveglieri: Art, 355


Anthony Julian Tamburri: The Uses of Literature and Six Memos for the
Next Millennium by Italo Calvino, 363
Lorraine Lawton: Off Screen: Women and Film in Italy edited by Giuliana Bruno
and Maria Nadotti, 369
Lucio Angelo Privitello: Contemporary Italian Thought (Substance 53), 372
Alessandro Carrera: Lenta ginestra by Antonio Negri, 377
Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum: The Plague Sower by Gesualdo Bufalino, 378
Massimo Verdicchio: Inscriptions by Hugh J, Silverman, 379
Maurice A. Finocchiaro: Mosca and the Theory of Elitism by Ettore A. Albertoni, 383
Pietro Pedace: Senso e paradosso by Emilio Garroni, 386
Robert Viscusi: Poeti italo-americani edited by Ferdinando Alfonsi and
The Hidden Italy edited by Hermann W. Haller, 389

Books Received, 393
Contributors, 396
Announcement, 400